guacamole wave crashing
with the sour cream
green as Gumby,
white with fear
crashing onto my feet

I should have worn shoes

Soud and Rhythm

Seated, the cross bar lowers
the ride begins
slowly around the first turn
up the track pulls us
higher and higher
clouds in sight, blue sky
down, down, down we fly
wind whips the hair
heart races faster
pumping furiously to live
slowing down
up it pulls again
pulse slows slightly
blue sky again
down, down, down we fly
gravity wins
speed quickens
blurring and steel, trees, faces
screaming voices
end ride
exit right please!


Jodi Swales


One Girl

Inspirational Muse


Loben 1988 - 2006
Cleo 1990 - 2006

In Your Wildest Dreams

photos © Seriocomics